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AZ Sport Scholarships was founded by Aris Zafeiratos, who studied on sports scholarship at US Universities, with a major on Sports Marketing and Management. Based on his academic and sports experience, Aris now guides young and skillful athletes into pursuing a similar career and fulfilling their dreams.

Our company utilizes the years of experience, expertise, and network of contacts, to secure targeted college placement to US colleges for prospective student athletes. Simultaneously we offer guidance and support to the families of the athletes, from the first until the last day of his/her college life.

Our goal is to offer an alternative solution to talented athletes who seek those benefits that their local sports and academic systems, fail to offer.

By combining his personal experience and the large range of contacts with professionals of the sector, Aris Zafeiratos can guarantee professional support and care for student-athletes that wish to continue doing what they love most, pursue a college degree, and A to Z guidance towards their main goal a sports scholarship at some of the best college institutions in the USA.