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Each year thousands of athletes around the world, get accepted on sports scholarship at US colleges and universities. The average cost of a university in the US is 30,000$/a year. A sports scholarship can cover up to 85% of tuition fees, that is approximately 25,000$. Universities offer sports scholarships for 29 different sports.

Good grades raise the chances of an athlete receiving an academic scholarship as well. By combining the two scholarships, an athlete may manage to cover most or even all of the tuition fees.

The US system allows students to smoothly combine their program of studies, with their training and games. Athletes play an important role, as they represent the university while competing in college championships.

Overall every university is set in a way to help student-athletes combine their studies and sports by securing an organized mode of operation. The school system is designed so as to help student-athletes develop both academically and in sports.

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The Benefits Of Sports Scholarships

Perfect sports conditions

(facilities, gear, medical care).

Top quality studies

Top quality studies in globally recognized Institutions.

Progress screening

Progress screening by academic advisors and coaches.

Internship opportunities

Internship opportunities.

Work permit

Work permit for campus employment.

Guidance for work opportunities

Guidance for work opportunities before completion of degree.

Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Track and Field, Rowing, Swimming, Diving, Basketball, Water Polo, Skiing, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Fencing, Golf and Gymnastics.

Sports scholarships are financial aid to athletes that wish to combine their studies while practicing the sport they love. By earning a sports scholarship, they get the opportunity to study in some of the best colleges in the US, while at the same time continue to develop in their respective sport by competing at the level of college championships. It is practically a premium offered to athletes that have the capacity to achieve high level sports performances to university team sports. The total amount that an athlete can receive in their 4 years of studies can exceed $200,000.

Sports Scholarships are offered at a percentage of up to 100%. They cover expenses such as tuition, accommodation, health insurance, and books.

  • Sports performance at high level of competition.
  • High school diploma.
  • SAT or ΑCT.
  • Satisfactory academic performance.
  • Balance between sports and academic responsibilities.
  • High level performances at high level, for 4 years.
  • Adapting to a new culture with a different routine.
  • Participates in sports competitions while earning a college degree.
  • Follows his curriculum while developing as an athlete, in top conditions in a very well-organized sports environment.
  • Learns to balance student and athlete life.
  • Has the possibility to select a sports scholarship among 1500 universities.
  • Can become one of the 500,000 athletes that compete annually as student athletes.