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Each athlete is evaluated separately and therefore the path and services are tailored to his/her needs, based on the needs and circumstances per case.

Based on the experience and previous successes, an athlete at the age of 16 is ideally likely to start the process of tracking and landing a sports scholarship.


  • We evaluate each athlete based on his/her sports, academic, and financial status.
  • We monitor his/her academic and sports resume.
  • We analyse in every detail the sports and academic conditions in the US to the athlete and his/her family.
  • We inform the athlete about all issues concerning the rules and regulations of college life.
  • We then start our partnership with the sole purpose of achieving the goals and aspirations as set by the athlete and his/her family.


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  • Preparation of the student-athlete’s profile, including the academic and sports resume, in accordance to the goals we set initially.
  • Planning of a long-term personalized strategy, tailored to reach the goals we have set initially.
  • Guidance of the athlete to register for all required tests for his/her applications to US colleges.
  • Creation and constant updating of the player’s profile on the NCAA website.
  • Programming of the daily routine of the athlete, in order to assure maximum performance on the field and at class.


  • We act as the liaison between the athlete and college coaches.
  • We publish and promote the player profile, in order to make them aware to the coaching community and evaluate whether he/she is a good fit for their sports program.
  • We collect and communicate to colleges more info on the sports performance of the athlete during the season.
  • We prep the athlete mentally to project himself to coaches with confidence and the right attitude.
  • We contact coaches and academic departments to exchange information, in order to paint the right picture of the academic and sports level of the athlete. This way they are given a fair assessment and can judge the percentage of the sports scholarship they can offer.
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  • We guide the athlete by offering personal support, in order to make the best possible decision, based on his criteria.
  • We study and analyze the offers of colleges at hand, and filter the ones that best suit his/her needs.
  • We help the athlete select a university and make final negotiations with the coaches.
  • Create and suggest a financial plan in regards to expected costs based on the scholarship given, in order to forecast the family’s overall budget.
  • Establish contact with the university’s International Student Office, in order to fill out all necessary documentation.
  • Monitoring of the issuance of the student VISA.
  • We fill out along with the athlete, all necessary documentation to register for the sports scholarship.
  • We stand side by side to the athlete in his final preparations, from planning the trip all the way to arriving at the university.